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HCCC student earns scholarship; ESL classes; PBA event | Journal Entries

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
HCCC students earn $ K Pearson ScholarshipAbderahim Salhi monthly 800 students from selected countries have received $5,000 Phi Theta Kapa 2018 Pearson academic higher education.
This honor is awarded to only 10 students across the country because of their civic participation, persistence and leadership, and academic rigor and excellence.
Priority is first.
Generation college students
Salhi, who grew up in Donga, saw teenagers drop out of school when he worked on his family career.
He looks at higher education, immigrated to the United States, developing his knowledge and skills in HCCC, where he is pursuing a associate degree in computer science.
He will graduate next year.
Salhi designed a drone for his Vertex project, using Autodesk Fusion 360 and printing the model using a 3D printer.
He oversees the purchase of electronic parts and helps with the implementation, calibration and adjustment of drone equipment.
As a robotics and programming seminar lecturer, he trained eight students using the Google CS First course.
Salhi also introduced the basics of robotics using Arduino boards and assisted in recruiting students for workshops.
Hudson County Sheriff\'s Office PBA community events Hudson County Sheriff\'s Office local #334 community outreach will be held on Saturday.
In the seventh game of Stephen R.
Starting at one o\'clock P. M. at greg park in Bayonnem. to 5 p. m.
It\'s raining next Saturday. 15.
The day will include entertainment, food, refreshments, games and Raffles in the community.
Officials in the executive building will also have a national flag football match with patrol officers and the investigation bureau.
School bags and school supplies will also be provided to children.
Government officials are also expected to attend the meeting.
HCCC offers English to register as a second language and now 2018 English is accepted as a second language in the fall (ESL)
Courses offered by Hudson County Community College (HCCC)
Ministry of Community Education. The HCCC non-
Non-credit English learning program
Native English speakers use small classes and students can get personal attention from their teachers.
These courses are taught in different language skills depending on the student\'s English ability, interest and needs.
Courses range from start to intermediate and advanced, including focusing on English conversation and mastering American accents. HCCC non-
The journal square of the college will hold a credit ESL autumn course (Jersey City)
Hudson North (Union City)Campuses.
The deadline for registration is Friday, September 14.
Tuition fees for each class range from $99 to $319.
Full information is available via email @ hccc.
Or by telephone (201)360-4224.
Bergen County Human Habitat Foundation recently announced that it has awarded Bergen County human habitat with a grant of $50,000, and gifts to the organization can be increased by up to $50,000 from August 15-10 to 31.
The entire grant will be used to cover the cost of building four affordable houses in Washington town.
Four new homes are being built at 639 Jefferson Street, two of which are specially built for American housing. S.
Veterans families and two other families that provide housing specifically for the elderly.
Veteran hmfa is reviewing and verifying applications from veterans and elderly families to understand the status of affordable housing.
Once approved by these families, they will start their sweat time, build interior walls, paint, organize donated materials and supplies.
HCCC provides genealogical worskhophudson County Community College will hold two sessions
Hold basic hour workshops on genealogical research for those who are interested in learning more about their ancestors.
Seminar will be September 15 Saturday 9:30 held. m. to 11:30 a. m.
Located at HCCC cooking convention center, 161 Newkirk Street, Jersey City. Tuition is $30.
During the workshop, participants will learn the basics of genealogical search, including how to create genealogical, compare various DNA test options, track ancestors, and track Dragons
Missing relatives, review different resources, documents and public records.
Participants will also be familiar with searchable projects to help learn more about a person\'s heritage, includes birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, military records, obituaries, and other sources that help verify family history.
Registration can be done online at tinyurl.
Com/genetic2018 or contact the continuing education of the community @ hccc.
Edu or call 201360-4244.
Credit card, money order, cash or check payment is due at the time of registration.
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