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High precision hardware prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-03- 01 08:02

Hello everyone, hardware prototype production that meets the high standards of some customers will use a closer five-axis processing equipment. It can complete the processing with higher precision and the forming of complex structure. The characteristic is that the prototype made by the five-axis machine is already very smooth and beautiful without grinding.

Tuwei model Technology Co. , Ltd. has multiple five-axis processing equipment. If you have a high-precision hardware prototype, please feel free to contact. The price will definitely be higher than other small factories that use three-axis machines, but the cost performance is the premise for you to consider. It's much more expensive, and the production will be delivered to the QC room for free to provide you with data reports for three-dimensional accuracy measurement. This is not included in the quotation.

Tuwei model is still a prototype Enterprise interviewed by CCTV. It is a small celebrity in the local area. Online word of mouth is also appreciated. Your high-precision hardware prototype can be more assured here. In 17 years, we have served more than 3000 customers worldwide. Welcome to initiate consultation online at any time.

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