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How is the plastic prototype made?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-09- 06 11: 29

plastic prototypes are common prototypes, accounting for almost 70% of all prototypes, its production materials mainly include ABS, PC, MMA and PU ( In addition to this, POM, PP, PA, etc) If you are an engineer or designer who needs to make a prototype, you must want to know how the plastic prototype is made, because after knowing this, in the future, when you face the supplier or manufacturer, you will know what kind of processing method is more cost-effective. Here are several common ways to make plastic prototypes.

1. The common processing technology is CNC machining, which is a traditional processing method with a long history. Advantages: low cost and high processing accuracy. And basically apply to most plastic materials; Disadvantages: the processing time factory, and the processing of complex product structure is difficult.

2. Rapid prototyping of 3D printing is a new type of prototype processing method. Advantages: it can be processed whether the product structure is simple or copied, and the processing time is greatly shortened. Disadvantages: The cost is high, the printed prototype material is limited, can only print photosensitive resin, ABS and nylon, and the performance of 3d printing prototype is not very good, in terms of high temperature resistance and hardness, it is not as good as CNC machining.

3. Vacuum mold processing. Suitable for the production of small batch products, using silicone mold for processing. Advantages: low processing cost and short processing time. Disadvantages: the influence of heat expansion and cold contraction, the prototype is easy to deform after processing, and the accuracy is not as high as that of CNC machining.

The above 3 are common ways of making plastic prototypes, hope to help you. Every prototype we make must meet the requirements of: accuracy meets your requirements, appearance meets your requirements? We will never send it to you if it can't!

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