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How much does prototype generally cost

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2017-11- 02 17: 34

How much does it usually cost to make a prototype? This is a problem that every customer who wants to make a prototype is very concerned about. Customers who find a customized prototype of the extension model usually ask'How much does prototype customization cost? ' The answer to this question actually depends on the customer's own requirements for the prototype. Since the prototype belongs to non-standard products, its price is not fixed, it depends on the customer's requirements for the material, size, processing accuracy and surface treatment of the prototype.

is not a selective answer to the extension model'How much is prototype customization' As a real prototype customization manufacturer, our quotation is based on the needs of customers. For example, the price of the same prototype, using aluminum alloy or stainless steel, is very different, although it is processed in the same way, there are a variety of materials to choose from to make the prototype, each material will lead to different prices; Complex prototypes are not the same price as simple prototypes. Therefore, how much does it usually cost for prototype customization? The real and accurate quotation requires the customer to determine the material and quantity before we can give you a relatively accurate price.

In addition, the requirements for appearance processing are also an important factor affecting the price of the prototype, the more processes for appearance processing, the more hours it takes, and the increase in labor costs will also lead to a corresponding increase in prototype prices. In addition, the increase in processing materials will more or less affect the price of prototype customization, but this is not so obvious.

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