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how stereolithography 3-d layering works

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
Stereo printing, also known as 3-D layered or 3-
D. printing, allowing you to make solid, plastic, three-dimensional (3-D)
Extract objects from CAD drawings within a few hours.
Whether you are a mechanical engineer who wants to verify that the parts are suitable or an inventor who wants to create a plastic prototype of the invention, stereo molding gives you a quick, easy way to convert CAD drawings into real objects. 3-
Printing is a good example of our time.
In the past, it could take months to make a prototype of a part. -
You can do it in a few hours today.
If you can come up with a product, you can hold a working model in your hands in two days!
In this edition of howworks, we will visit the stereo printing service bureau of pt cam (
Piemont Triad Center for Advanced Manufacturing)
So you can understand everything involved and see some actual 3-
D model generated by this technology!
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