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How the car panel prototype is processed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2016-12- 22 20: 34

Everyone knows the universality of cars today. Now, if you don't have a car, you can't go out ( Of course, there are also green environmental protection advocates like Xiao Liu). If you say so much, you want to lead to the theme of today's Xiao Liu--Production and surface treatment of automotive panel prototypes.

as shown in the figure, it is a car panel made by our big extension, this car panel is a part of a new type of car that XX automobile companies need to develop. In fact, we have a long-term cooperative relationship with this car company, generally, they need to make prototypes and send them to us. So this time the customer sent us the drawings and asked us to arrange the production only by asking our Huang Gong to quote a price.

production of auto panels:

1. Business order: After the customer confirms the order, the business will place the order in collaboration and upload the drawings to the collaboration;

2. Programming: the programming department downloads the fan Leaf prototype drawings uploaded by the business on collaboration, and uploads the collaboration after programming on the computer;

3. CNC machining: colleagues in the CNC Department download the programmed program in collaboration, go to the warehouse to open the material for CNC machining, and send the processed fan Leaf prototype to the manual department after processing;

4. Hand polishing: the manual part manually polished the sent prototype until the surface is smooth.

5. Surface Treatment: This car panel surface treatment uses a good variety of silver plating for oil injection, silk screen printing and individual parts. ( As for their production methods, you can go to the Internet to find out, I won't say much about Xiao Liu ~~)

6. QC Inspection: the quality department can pack and ship after testing through various measuring instruments such as calipers, secondary elements and three dimensions!

The Order under each of our extension customers, the business will take photos and send them to customers so that customers in the distance can see their prototype production to that step and reassure customers. Our purpose of Tuowei is also to reassure customers that every one who comes to Taowei can get a satisfactory prototype!

send Xiao Liu's blessing at the end of 2016 ~~ May all of you who have seen Xiao Liu's article be healthy and happy in 2017, and your career will take a higher level!

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