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How to become a qualified business of Shenzhen prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-03- 21 11: 39

want to be a qualified business of Shenzhen prototype factory, in my opinion, it is necessary to have the ability not only to develop customers, it is also possible to stabilize customers on a line and continue to rise. Of course, there is also responsibility, and it is necessary to complete and handle all matters after the order is placed well with the reasonable requirements put forward by the customer, and open branches and leaves on the basis of the customer to expand the business scope, it is a qualified salesman who is very good.

today is the tenth week of entering Shenzhen prototype factory, it's getting on the right track here. Last week, another project given to me by Mr. Z was almost completed this Wednesday. It is still a step away. This material is not available in our industry, so the customer suggested to go to South China city to find it. After an afternoon of searching, we finally found the materials that satisfied our customers.

although it is very hard, and in the afternoon, I was full of hope to ask the merchant if there was any such material, and then I heard no two words again and again. I think if there is no patience, I am afraid I have already given up, but this customer does not, instead, I was very persistent and asked again and again, disappointed again and again. But luck will always visit the persistent people, even if found. After this experience, I summed up a lesson: I believe that there will always be a return to pay. This is the spirit that we should learn as the salesman of Shenzhen prototype factory.

after finding a satisfactory material, we returned to the company together, mr. Z and our CTO discussed the materials found according to the performance of the products designed by the customer, and conducted experiments, and decided to use the materials we found together. In Tuowei, as a salesman of Shenzhen prototype factory, he can learn precious knowledge whenever and wherever he is, only by making himself strong continuously, in order to promote yourself to become an elite salesman step by step

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