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How to choose Tangxia prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-07- 03 15: 13

How to choose the Tangxia prototype factory? 2860 customer pick's extension model is not worth choosing. It is not enough to process the prototype here. 'Fire' And so on, in fact, the text is really unclear, it is more intuitive to go to the field.

Tuwei model does not brag about Amway that will cooperate with BYD and Jingdong. , although it is true, and after many publicity, if you are looking for a prototype of the extension model, please send the corresponding 3d drawings to the Tangxia prototype factory, and these large enterprises endorse the extension model, I believe that the quality will not be worse.

5000 ㎡ plant, five-axis machine, various hardware facilities in dust-free workshop, etc. , if you care about the quality, please come to Tangxia prototype factory to survey it! The manufacturer's bottom spirit is insufficient. You can see the factory inspection in person! However, the premise is that you need to prepare the corresponding 3d drawings. If there are more parts, you need to prepare the corresponding list, otherwise you can't do it even if you examine the company's strength.

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