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How to do a good customer experience in prototype processing enterprises

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-11- 30 15: 28

with the opening of new technologies and sales markets, prototype processing enterprises will not have many differences in product functions, moreover, the distance between customers' cognitive value is particularly large. Compare a car of 0. 3 million yuan with a car of 1 million yuan. Maybe there will be no big gap in functionality, but in the process and appearance of driving, but can give people different experience and happiness. And the more 0. 7 million yuan to buy is the core value of these.

another classic case, Starbucks coffee, coffee is strictly just a drink, but why does a drink attract buyers so much? Because people need a space and time that they can enjoy, Starbucks first makes you feel happy and free in your perception, so that coffee can be sold without harm! The same is true of prototype processing enterprises. Only when customers feel that they have a good experience can they pay for it.

The extension model believes that in fact, regardless of any product, the prototype processing enterprise should be close to the user and associated with the user in terms of design concept, once the process value required by the user is available, it is the carrier that the customer expects!

The prototype processing industry is no exception, how to successfully process a prototype model is ultimately to make customers feel that our overall strength is strong, and there is no problem in processing this prototype. At this time, customers need to be recognized in a professional and natural way.

prototype processing enterprises need to learn emotional marketing, and product stories full of feelings are more convincing, from the basic needs and spiritual needs of customers to formulate production plans, provide services that meet the spiritual needs of customers, and let customers feel comfortable and at ease!

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