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How to impress customers in Shanghai prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-08- 13 10: 52

In the recent period, many customers have come to contact the Shanghai prototype model factory of the tuowei model, how can there be so many customers who come to contact the tuowei prototype factory? Where is the extension model good? Where did it attract customers who came here?

few days ago, mr. Tang in Shanghai found the extension model according to a friend's detailed introduction, and then Mr. Tang also saw a lot of relevant information about the extension model on the Internet, so he was more interested in the extension. After that, in the communication and communication, I learned that the prototype model that Mr. Tang needs to customize is more stringent at the accuracy level, and the general Shanghai prototype model factory does not meet the requirements, so it cannot be processed, but what happens is that the accuracy of the prototype produced by the extension model can reach ±0. 02mm.

There was no accident, mr. Tang and the Shanghai prototype model factory tuowei model reached a cooperative relationship. When Mr. Tang received the prototype model sent by tuowei, he couldn't help but sigh: find out whether the accuracy of the prototype produced by the extension model is high enough! Founded in 2002, Tuowei model has been 18 years old. The convenient experience of producing and processing prototypes is beyond doubt. In the past 18 years, Tuowei model has served more than 3000 customers across the country, the favorable rate has reached 99 per cent.

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