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How to improve communication efficiency of Guangdong prototype proofing factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-02- 22 16: 19

Everyone must know that work efficiency is particularly important in modern, fast-paced society. In the same job, others can do it in an hour, but you need a few hours or more. As the customer service of Guangdong prototype proofing factory, the communication efficiency is mainly reflected in the speed of communication. Below, Xiao Liu will tell you how to improve the communication efficiency.

before last month, guangdong prototype proofing factory Xiao Liu is like everyone. When receiving customers, it is a word input every time. It is very difficult to play the word. I accidentally found that the chat software can set a quick reply. As long as this setting is made, there is no need to type again. As long as it is gently clicked, those words will be displayed in 1 second, then just click send.

when setting up a quick reply, xiao Liu summed up the common problems of customers, such as'Can you make a prototype' And then the quick reply I set is'Do you have 3d drawings over there' As we all know, the prototype is customized and the price is not fixed. We need to look at the picture quotation; When the customer answers the drawings, the next step is to set up a quick reply to the contact information. In view of the urgency of finding customers in Guangdong prototype proofing factory, the next setting is' The relevant person in charge will contact you soon'.

These settings are made, the communication efficiency of Guangdong prototype proofing factory has achieved twice the result with half the effort. In the future, it will be handy to face endless customers.

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