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hp to sell 3d printers in india by early 2018

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
Technology giant Hewlett-Packard said on Friday that it will launch a series of 3D printers in the Indian market in 2018.
\"We will launch, sell and serve 3D printers in India.
HP India MD Sumeer Chandra said: \"It will focus mainly on the business area . \" He added that the company expects the initial demand to come from industries such as cars and healthcare.
The $5 billion marketHP sells 3D printers in Japan and Asia. Mr.
The global 3D printing market is estimated to be about $5 billion, Mr. Chandra said.
\"Pan-will be available in our 3D Printer series-
He added that the company will also take advantage of its global partnership with companies such as BMW and Johnson & Johnson in India.
The technology company recently said it aims to sell 3D printers that produce metal objects.
The raw materials currently used are plastic.
The printer will be imported.
Globally, these devices cost more than $1, 00, 000.
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