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hp unveils plan to make 3-d printing an everyday thing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Packard believes that it has developed impressive new technologies that make printing three-
Size object.
Let\'s hope HP\'s grand way of talking about it won\'t get in too much way.
HP says it has developed a 3-
D printers are 10 times faster than most printers today
D printer while maintaining high accuracy.
It is expected that the product will be tested and produced early next year, and will be widely available in 2016.
Although HP did not disclose the expected price, it also said that this will be cheaper than the current market price.
We are chasing the central market, said Stephen negero, senior vice president of the company\'s inkjet printing business.
We will measure the output of the printer in tons.
In other words, HP wants to sell the product to large industrial companies that will use it to print a lot of things. Mr.
The printer will be able to print 1,000 gears in three hours, with 2 inch per gear, says Nigro.
The best commercial printers now take 85 hours, he said.
Another product that the company calls Sprout is a design-
Computing-oriented systems that combine variable images with keyboards that use light projectors, cameras, touch screens and 3-D scanner.
The technology of the scanner is probably the most novel part of the package, as the rest has been around for a while.
It\'s not bad, and if it\'s packed well, remember, Apple\'s iPod, this one that leads to so many other successful products, is really a better one --
MP3 music player designed.
In addition, Ron couglyn, senior vice president of consumer personal computer business, said that Sprout was organized around containers visually.
The market is the creator.
This may be a further development from the traditional way of computing file storage.
Sprout will be available on November.
9. the recommended price is $1,899.
It already has some software applications and, unfortunately, in what HP calls a \"budding\" application system, it wants to build an important community of external developers.
HP says this is the first time it has tried to build a developer base, perhaps ignoring the effort in the short term
Live with the acquisition of Palm products. Good so far.
The most problematic thing about these two products is the way HP launches them, which takes only a few hours
Its long-standing display of what it calls a \"new hybrid reality ecosystem\" is designed to break the barriers between the digital and physical worlds.
Blow away the smoke of marketing, HP strives to do 3-
Everything printed every day is very attractive.
The new printer has ink spray heads, which can spit out 0. 35 billion ink drops per second, with 21 microns or a few parts per million between these ink drops.
It is entering a very small market, and advocates say it was its earliest age.
Gartner recently said that 3-
D there will be about 217,000 printers in 2015.
In contrast, in the United States alone, shipments of ordinary printers are usually about 24 million units per year.
For 3D printers, it\'s like 1982 for PCs, things are just getting started, says Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, Autodesk is 3-
Design and printing.
I\'m happy with everything that moves the fields forward.
I was told there were 275 3-
Now there are printing companies in the world, he said. Bass said.
We all benefit when a big company enters the industry.
He said that where Autodesk and other companies might compete is designed for engineers.
Sprout doesn\'t seem to target that market.
A version of this article appears on the B6 page of The New York version, with the title: HP claims to be in 3-D Printing.
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