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Nasa and the amazing space printer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
If you have struggled to get spare parts for equipment, consider the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS)
In this case, the delivery is not entirely normal and the postage is quite expensive.
There is only one way to send something into space: it explodes there.
It costs several thousand pounds an ounce.
If we\'re going to survive in space, that\'s not going to work.
Sooner or later, we will have to start making things without relying on the Earth.
Nasa recently announced the first step in this exciting and important process at the Silicon Valley research park.
A 3D printer will be blown up to 6-on March 23-
A powerful crew on the International Space Station.
It will be used to manufacture spare parts and experiments.
Printer prototype
The first manufacturing device in space
Has been tracked by the crew of the International Space Station.
However, this new model will put the project into full operation.
\"You can bring us a USB stick with your file and we can send it numbers to space,\" said Andrew Rush, chief executive of Nasa\'s \"Space Manufacturing\" company --funded start-
The development of technology.
\"With 3D printing, we can make this object and completely avoid putting it on the rocket. \"Given $20m (£14. 2m)
Nasa is also working on Archinaut, which says the system will one day be able to create huge structures that can be assembled by robots in space.
Mr. Rush plans to \"large radio dishes that can serve many people, or do amazing scientific research to gain insight into the past of the universe \".
Now sending large items into space is what Nasa describes as a mission like origami.
In order to launch, the structure is folded and then expanded and built once on the track.
Being able to build in space will eliminate significant logistical constraints, namely, solving the survival problem of launching from earth tied to a rocket.
The team estimates that it will take three to four years to achieve this ambitious goal.
The technology will be authorized to commercial enterprises.
Not far from Nasa, you will find Tesla-
People who are very willing to cooperate
Before that, with a small experiment
The Scale 3D printer will be the focus of space manufacturing.
In particular, the team is focusing on how to use raw materials found in space
Including on the surface of the moon and Mars.
\"The space environment is a very valuable and unique environment,\" Rush said . \"
\"We can create things that are not possible on Earth.
\"It will eventually enable us to live in this land, not just in micro life.
But on other satellites and planets
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