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Necessary equipment for prototype forming

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
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in terms of epoxy resin molds, the industry according to the production cost, the material of RP prototype, the production batch, the precision requirements of the mold, variety of process methods have been developed. According to experts, the current rapid mold making method is roughly indirect mold making method and direct mold making method. Most of the methods based on RP for Rapid mold manufacturing are indirect mold making methods, the molds produced are bridge molds, soft molds and hard molds. The bridge model (Bridgetooling) Usually refers to the epoxy resin mold that can be directly produced by injection molding. Compared with the traditional injection mold, the cost of epoxy resin mold is only one of the traditional methods, and the production cycle is also greatly reduced. Although the life of the mold is less than the steel mold, it is higher than the silicone mold, which can reach 1000 ~ 5000 pieces can meet the needs of small and medium-sized mass production.

RIM low pressure perfusion- Product

mold manufacturing, which is a bottleneck restricting the development of automobile, home appliances, light industry and other industries in China and the key, with the continuous development and improvement of rapid prototyping hardware and software equipment and rapid prototyping materials, the strength and accuracy of rapid prototyping parts have been continuously improved, and rapid prototyping technology has gradually penetrated into the field of Rapid mold manufacturing, it has become a hot spot to manufacture all kinds of simple economic and rapid molds, especially epoxy resin-based molds based on rapid prototyping method.

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