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Plastic prototype factory-Adopt a variety of processing methods

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-07- 02 08: 02

nowadays, many plastic prototype factories will choose CNC production and processing methods. If this method is used, then the raw materials can produce some products that are more in line with the regulations according to the production and processing of CNC lathes, including some processing efficiency will be faster, and the quality of the samples will be better. After some surface painting and electroplating process, including the actual effect caused by some mold production, it will be relatively close to some.

for the advantages of the plastic prototype factory, like the processing technology of some prototype models, the relativity will be more prominent. If the structure is very complicated, especially in the case of a large number of cases, it is possible to choose a composite film, if the requirements for touch raw materials are more stringent, cnc machining can be selected. If the prototype machine equipment is produced in batches, the machine equipment that can be used for vacuum re-molding or 3D printer can also be used.

some better plastic prototype factories, generally speaking, it provides more thoughtful services because it is a processing industry. In addition to some processing and equipment, it also needs to provide more professional services to make the overall production process of the prototype coherent.

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