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Printing days are recalled

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
Local Mcor technology
Headquartered in 3D printer, led a wonderful speech at \"innovation Drogheda: printing\" about the opportunity for 3D printing, and it\'s in engineering, medical devices, aviation architecture and design.
As part of the \"innovative Drogheda\" series of talks, a full house arrived at the mill and listened to Frank Gallagher and Dr of the old Drogheda Association.
Conor MacCormack of Mcor Technologies talks about the past, present and future of the Drogheda printing industry.
Local historian Frank Gallagher talks about the original source of \"knowledge\" in the printing industry
Because it gives ordinary citizens the opportunity to educate themselves.
This idea can easily be extended to the current focus on new technologies (including 3D technology), and how important it is for young and old people in Ireland to develop a prosperous economy, use technology fully \"literature.
Dr. Connaught Mack.
The founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies spoke about the company\'s development and the future of 3D printing.
Mcor Technologies is a fast-growing, innovative technology organization that focuses on 3D printing and manufactures 3D printers that use regular business A4 letterhead paper as building materials, a durable option, stable tactile model.
In June 2014, Mcor announced that they had received $12 million from the US investment firm WHEB.
The last speech in November 25 will focus on engineering.
It will be an hour\'s meeting, with Dan Mulan from The Mill Mount Museum speaking at Grendons Foundry and the closure of the German company Hauny Engineering, in the 1970s, many new engineering companies have emerged.
Stuart Carolan of Cisco Engineering Co. , Ltd. will tell the story of their establishment of the engineering business in Drogheda.
Cisco engineering is involved in a number of projects in the Louth area, including the construction of Bowen Cable Bridge, Lawrence Mall and the M1 highway.
The innovative Drogheda series talks highlight the innovative history of Drogheda and the need to continue to develop entrepreneurs in the region.
Tickets for all lectures are free but must be booked on www. Themilldrogheda.
Or call 041-9802444.
Please contact B Casey @ themilldrogheda.
For more information, see.
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