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Process of prototype model making batch compound mold

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-09- 05 17: 15

under normal circumstances, the number of prototypes required by customers will not be much, usually a few or so. But occasionally, there are dozens or even hundreds of prototypes that need to be done. If so many prototypes are processed by cnc or 3d printing, the cost is very high. In this case, if you are not very strict with the accuracy of the prototype, it is a good way to adopt a vacuum complex.

Why is it cost-effective to say that the number is more than dozens of complex molds? There are several reasons here. First, the number of this batch is very small compared with the steel mold, usually several sets, dozens, or even hundreds. If there are more words, it is not impossible, but the problem of this cost! For example, if the price of a prototype is 1000 yuan, the price of batch copying can generally be controlled below 500 yuan. If you can make dozens of sets, it can be controlled below 200 yuan.

The second reason is the service life of silicone molds, and the service life of imported materials is about 100 times. The domestic material has a lower life, usually dozens of times. If you want to do more, you need to open more silicone molds!

Third, the time of the compound mold should be relatively high in terms of making a plastic prototype, but if there is too much to do, for example, hundreds of times, this time is also relatively long, not a few days or ten days can be completed.

The process of remolding the prototype model:

make a prototype with cnc machining or sla first, then use the prototype to make a silicone mold and use the mold in vacuum (PU, transparent PU, Sai steel, ABS) The other material perfusion molding is the same as the product prototype, which can be copied together according to the customer's needs, and the copy is removed from the silicone mold after cooling.

silicone mold making service classification of rapid prototyping is generally used to machining surface finish.
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