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Professional customization of Shenzhen prototype manufacturers for 17 years

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2018-10- 11: 03

many customers will give priority to those low-priced suppliers when choosing prototype manufacturers. This is a common human condition that everyone can understand. But it's a mixed place in Shenzhen. Many bad manufacturers. Use second-hand equipment for processing accuracy, not to mention. The production environment alone is also very casual. Post-processing is also inexperienced. That's why the price is particularly low. To gain the trust of customers.

Everyone feels that it will cost a lot of money to make the prototype that can't use the working hours. Is it worth it? I would like to tell you here to find a prototype manufacturer. Attention should be paid to the scale of their equipment, professional and technical qualifications, and production team. So as to choose the supplier reasonably. After all you get what you pay. The quality of the prototype produced is quite different.

I hope to help you provide some help when choosing a prototype manufacturer. In addition, our company has a factory building of 6000 square meters in 17 years. 55 processing equipment. Accuracy up to ±0. 01mm, there are also multiple five-axis processing machines. If you have relevant business needs, please feel free to consult online.

come in many forms, like cnc machining prototype service and aluminum rapid prototyping, and they all provide efficient solution for our vacuum casting process in rapid prototyping needs.
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