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Prototype factory in Longgang District, short delivery period

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-09- 05 17: 15

when making a prototype, many customers will choose a prototype factory with a short delivery cycle. For those who need to participate in the exhibition, if the delivery period is short, there will be plenty of time to check whether their prototypes are precision and whether the appearance processing is exquisite; For those customers who need to verify new products, the short delivery period can enable them to develop new products faster and better market. So how to find the prototype factory in Longgang district of the delivery period.

enterprises need to make prototypes after the design of new product drawings is completed, 3D? ‌ ‌ Printing is a kind of processing method in the prototype industry, as well as the prototype processing method of cnc machining and silicone compound mold, which can be verified by using 3D printing technology to do a prototype model first, the 3D printing prototype production cycle is shorter than CNC machining, and can be made within one day.

Shenzhen tuowei prototype manufacturers mainly specialize in the production of CNC prototype models project, provide customers with 3D printing prototype and other supporting services, and have reached a high level in the production of precision CNC prototype models such as auto parts, robot models and household appliances, and continuously develop and research new processes, ensure customer development and market demand, and make continuous efforts to shorten the proofing cycle and save development costs for customers. If you need to find a prototype factory in Longgang District, look at the extension model.

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