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Prototype Model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2019-06- 11: 22

People nowadays are very busy in life and are not willing to spend too much time on a small matter. Therefore, teams like R & D companies are reluctant to spend too much time on prototype models. But often because I don't like to waste time, I will accidentally find a small manufacturer to make it.

A month ago, A Mr. Yang found tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. through the network. Generally, customers who want to make a prototype model in the extension model will first find the customer's contact information to facilitate the salesman to get in touch with the customer. So Mr. Yang assigned the salesman Li Gong. After taking over the customer, he began to understand the customer's information and basic requirements. The prototype material made by this customer is plastic adhesive ABS material. And try to finish it within a week. Not a lot of quantity, mainly the appearance of the product is very high.

for customers who do prototype models for dimension models, the extension model will try its best to meet the requirements of customers. After that, I took the customer to the factory to see the general process of production. After reading it, Mr. Yang was very satisfied, so he placed an order. Five days later, the prototype was ready. The packaging was very strict and sent to Mr. Yang's hand. After Mr. Yang saw the effect, he was very happy and said that he would cooperate next time!

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