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Prototype model manufacturer-Choose a regular factory cooperation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-08- 21 13: 49

prototype model production is a magical process! At least Xiaobian felt that it was only an ordinary plastic or metal that changed after each Department came out! The completion of each prototype represents the advent of a new product!

as before half a month, a Ms. Xu found the top prototype model manufacturer extension model through Baidu search prototype model production! The model has a long history and has 18 years of production experience! After finding the official website of Tuwei model, Ms. Xu briefly read the meeting and launched an inquiry! After the customer service asked Ms. Xu for the basic information, she handed it over to Miss Xin, the salesman! Miss Xin and Ms. Xu launched a chat after WeChat!

after Miss Xin asked Ms. Xu about the requirements for prototype model production in the chat, ms. Xu sent the drawings to Miss Xin for a quotation! After more than an hour, Miss Xin quoted the price and immediately told Ms. Xu! Ms. Xu felt that the price was a little expensive, so she wanted to play back. After that, Ms. Xu did not reply! However, Miss Xin still did not give up and insisted on keeping in touch with Ms. Xu in the future! Finally, Ms. Xu took the initiative to find Miss Xin and wanted to make this project for tuowei model! Because Ms. Xu later found a cheap manufacturer, but the finished product can't be seen at all!

Miss Xin is naturally very happy after learning this news! The fruit of success has been exchanged for so long! The strength between the regular prototype model manufacturer and the small manufacturer cannot be measured by price! If you need to make a prototype, the extension model is waiting for you here!

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