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Prototype model manufacturer-Processing size 2000

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2018-12- 05 11: 06

now most enterprises will make prototypes after the research and development of new product drawings is completed, to detect whether a series of problems such as the structure, appearance and size of the product are reasonable, so a good prototype model manufacturer will be found before and after the development of a new product, to understand whether the strength of the manufacturer meets the standards.

Mr. Xu found the manufacturer of the extension prototype model last week. A prototype of a large household appliance, because the product is relatively large, I found a few that did not meet the requirements. Later, I found manager Huang. This product is CNC processed with ABS materials. The product is a bit large, so it is still a bit troublesome to process, but it is a small problem for the extension dimension. The cnc processing stroke reaches 2 m. A few days later, Mr. Xu was very satisfied with the prototype.

Shenzhen tuowei prototype model manufacturer has 17 aspects in prototype production years of experience, 55 CNC machining equipment, precision 5-axis machine, accuracy up to ±0. 01mm, such strength is also a powerful manufacturer in many large home appliance prototype factories.

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