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Prototype model manufacturer-Work overtime to catch up for customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-03- 09 11: 36

Today, there are many fresh products that are slowly rising to bring benefits to people. But business people from all walks of life are beginning to worry about another thing. What if the newly developed products of their new company do not achieve the desired effect? Therefore, there is an idea that comes into being in people's hearts, that is, there is an intermediary to verify their products to do experiments. As a result, the prototype model began to rise, and more people who want to start a business began to start a prototype model manufacturer. This is the idea, which has been in use today.

some time ago, a Mr. Cheng searched online'Prototype model manufacturer' On Baidu's homepage, I saw the information of the extension model. After I learned about the strength of the extension company, I contacted customer service. After a short understanding, I learned that Mr. Cheng is in the automotive industry. Because their company has newly developed auto parts, they need to find a prototype factory to make models.

The next day, Mr. Cheng came to the extension model and the salesman hosted the gentleman. After talking to each other, I learned that the car accessories that the gentleman has to do are very small, the required accuracy is relatively high, and the appearance is flawless. Because I have cooperated with other prototype model manufacturers before, the effect is not ideal, I want to find a reliable manufacturer. The extension model has five-axis machining, and the accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm, very in line with Mr. Cheng's requirements.

after understanding the general requirements of Mr. Cheng, duan Gong led Mr. Cheng to the workshop to visit. Look at how employees make prototypes. Then, the salesman of the prototype model manufacturer took the prototype model that Tuowei had done before to show Mr. Cheng. After reading it, Mr. Cheng was very satisfied with the atmosphere of the work of the extension model and the model produced. So after a short period of thinking, Mr. Cheng decided to cooperate, put down the order, sent the drawings and paid the pre-payment.

Duan Gong discussed with the engineer how to make this project Mr. Cheng after the mind, the staff began to make it. After four days of fighting, they completed Mr. Cheng's task. Take photos and send them to customers. Pack them and send them to Mr. Cheng. After seeing the finished product, Mr. Cheng was very satisfied. He said that if there is still an opportunity, he must find the extension model to cooperate, try not to find other prototype model manufacturers to cooperate, and hear this promise, it's not a waste of overtime work these days to make a prototype for Mr. Cheng.

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