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Prototype Model processing plant-Find a large size to be reliable

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2018-12- 28 17: 25

month ago, Miss Cheng in Shenzhen searched'Prototype Model processing plant' After finding the extension model, the relevant customer service asked her contact information and transferred it to Miss Zheng of the business department.

learned through short communication, miss Cheng is the purchase of a company in Shenzhen. They are the company's stationery, school supplies and other types of products. They have made a prototype in other prototype model processing plants, the appearance color is not very good-looking, there is a gap between the requirements of the swatches provided by the customer, the silk screen is also very vague, not clear, the Assembly is also a barrier, not very careful to Polish, so the paint is uneven and does not look smooth.

Structure prototype and appearance prototype this piece is inside the extension model process basic. Customer requirements are actually simple, that is, silk screen printing is clear and the structure can be assembled. If they do a verification, they will find a small-scale processing factory, because the price is low and they will do it. Now the effect is not good, the small processing factory has not solved the problem. The equipment of the small factory is not complete, the work is not meticulous, and the effect naturally does not meet the customer's requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve good verification results, we have to find a larger prototype processing plant.

Tuowei has been operating for 17 years now, there is a stationery in the project that is being done now, including plastic, soft glue, hardware, silk screen, and professional silk screen Masters, assembly, polishing, painting, delivery, quality inspection of each process, each link is recorded, and delivery is provided to customers. If you are looking for an experienced prototype model factory, look at the extension model.

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