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Prototype Model processing plants teach you oxidation knowledge

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-02- 02 08: 22

New Year's new weather, the technical director of Tuwei prototype model processing plant taught new knowledge this week, and many products need to be oxidized, oxidation is to soak the aluminum alloy prototype in the potion, let the potion corrosion into the aluminum alloy prototype, so that the oxidation reaction occurs, thus changing the color of the aluminum alloy prototype.

What are the conditions for oxidation? I don't know about outsiders. After the professor of the technical director of the prototype model processing factory, I realized that there are three conditions for oxidation: water (Water)Electricity (Lucicity)And aluminum (Aluminum). The aluminum alloy can be oxidized, and the iron can not be oxidized. If it is oxidized, it will rust. This oxidation is meaningless.

The technical director also taught three ways to change colors: one is bright and dark; The other two are warm and cold; The third is saturation and dilution. All kinds of colors around you can change like this. It's really wonderful. In the big family of tuowei prototype model processing factory, I am full of desire to learn. I will study hard for the company and myself.

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