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Prototype model producer-Treat customers sincerely

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-03- 22 08: 01

remember that there was a large company a few months ago, the prototype products provided by the company to other customers through the extension model found the prototype model manufacturer at the exhibition because they felt that the prototype made by the extension model was beautiful and exquisite, what customers see at an exhibition run by other companies is that they want to find a prototype manufacturer who is exquisite and has high precision. So I asked the exhibitors.

Later, after the customer sent him an email, after a long chat, representative Liu came to the prototype model manufacturer to see the factory for on-the-spot investigation. Duan Gong took him to visit and understand the situation of the factory personnel, production equipment and process inspection. After the visit, Mr. Liu was also quite surprised. The threshold of the prototype industry was low. Most small enterprises only had a few devices, which could be like the extension model, there are not many prototype factories that can reach more than a dozen equipment, let alone can afford the US technical director. It was a surprise that he met him this time.

The customer was also very happy after reading it, on the spot, it was said that the previous quotation project should be made to the prototype model manufacturer, and the sincere service to each customer will not only bring benefits, but also a rare Trust. Since then, bilateral convenience has maintained close cooperative relations.

if, you're also worrying about finding a large prototype model producer, you can come to the extension model, and the extension model will give you a pleasant cooperation. To your satisfaction, if you have any ideas, you can contact customer service on the right side.

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