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Prototype mold making-High secrecy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-05- 27 08: 04

every new product that has just been developed will need to find a prototype mold manufacturer to make a mold. The prototype mold can be finished or semi-finished. Semi-finished products are generally used for exhibitors, and finished products are generally sold on the market. But there is a premise. If you want to get an order or have a good return on the market, you must find a regular manufacturer to make it.

It is more important than anything to find a regular prototype mold making factory, because generally small suppliers, if the customer does not make any requirements and does not clearly indicate what process method to use, the supplier will use a low-cost method to make it. And what the supplier who often does this makes is certainly not what the customer wants.

each drawing was made, all of them were made by designers. Therefore, although there are many prototype mold factories, it is the core to choose a regular supplier. Just like the extension model, because the salesman has contacted many different styles of drawings, he knows the customer's needs almost the same, and will also discuss the drawings with the programmers. If the product structure is found to be unreasonable, will contact the customer in time and inform the solution. Whether it is in proofing, supporting resources, timely process replacement, and new materials, the number of equipment'Technician experience and product secrecy is also high. High processing accuracy, timely delivery.

If you feel that the model of the extension dimension is found by the prototype mold making factory good choice, contact customer service on the right side! Waiting 24 hours!

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