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Prototype processing factory for UAV, 3 days delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-08- 07 18: 02

with the continuous progress of the network, more and more customers are looking for a prototype factory online to make a plastic prototype model. Just in July of this year, there was one from Changsha, Hunan province. brand of drone engineer saw the information of our factory on the Internet.

just got in touch with us and said that we wanted to make several plastic prototypes for unmanned aerial vehicles. It is urgent to participate in the exhibition. I hope our factory can confirm whether it can be made within 4 days. By our project manager who has worked for 10 years, check the drawings. After confirming the process. Immediately confirm that we can make it within the delivery period. At first the engineer was not aware of the size of our plant and the strength of our professional technicians. After being introduced by our project manager, he understood. Because our company provides one-stop service from the time of receiving customer drawings. The whole process has our own production and processing, and our company has 55 CNC machining Machines. The average length of service of the manual team leader is more than five years. Therefore, we are very confident that we will ensure that your drone plastic prototype will be exhibited on time.

under the continuous efforts of the whole plant, the production was actually completed on the third day. It was delivered to the engineer. He was very satisfied and attracted numerous potential customers after attending the exhibition. The next day after the exhibition, I immediately called to thank our company for the beautiful plastic prototype model. In the future, long-term cooperation will be mutually beneficial and win-win.

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