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Prototype sweeping robot-Verify your design

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-03- 19 14: 42

prototype is the core and future of manufacturing industry, and the advancement of prototype model manufacturing is a microcosm of the progress of modern manufacturing technology. With the shortening of product life cycle and industry trends driving mass customization of products, customized processing makes more sense in today's supply chain strategy. What also changes human life is the emergence of robots, which free people from busy housework, especially sweeping robots. Ordinary people do not like sweeping the floor, the appearance of sweeping robots solves this problem. However, in order to meet people's needs and their own convenience, they must constantly update the function of the robot at night, so the merchant must find a prototype factory to make a prototype model of the sweeping robot.

3 months ago, Mr. Liao found the Tuwei model. The gentleman hosted by Li Gong learned through mutual communication that the gentleman needed to find a company to make a prototype model of the sweeping robot, because their company has designed a new sweeping robot, I don't know if it is suitable or not. I heard that the extension model has served more than 3000 enterprises, so I found the extension model. Then, Li Gong took the gentleman to visit how the workshop worked, and he would also describe the processing principle and the like. After reading it, the customer was very satisfied, so he decided to place an order first and make an advance payment.

then, engineers are working on how to make the prototype model of the sweeping robot to achieve the desired results of the customer. After that, the workshop began to operate. After four days of operation, the product was completed, packaged, tested and delivered. Sent to Mr. Liao's hand, after seeing the finished product, Mr. Liao was very happy to give a compliment to the Tuowei model.

so if you are hesitant to know which prototype factory to choose, you can choose the extension model to help you make the prototype model of the sweeping robot. You are happy to help you, and the extension model has a professional team to serve you, as well as the technical director of the United States. You will not be disappointed to return! If you have any ideas, please contact customer service on the right side and wait 24 hours!

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