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R2-D2 Falls in Love, Gets Heart Broken in Adorable Short Film ...Is There a Happy Ending? Watch!

by:Tuowei     2019-08-23
Want to know how to say \"I love you\" in DroidYou guess: \"Bleep bloop.
Star Wars\'s favorite mini Android R2
D2 fell in love. . .
In San Francisco, as seen in an excellent short film created by Van Evan Atherton and a dozen others called Artoo in love.
This short film has nothing to do with Lucas film studio, posted on YouTube this week and saw R2-
Not once, but twice.
The first is the Navy mailbox with a pink ribbon.
Whether it\'s a lady, he makes a couple of romantic gestures that promise to annoy her letters, such as bringing flowers, and entrustment to create comic portraits of two lovebirds.
Of course, love is not without obstacles, and ATO is also challenged by a threatening opponent like Valin.
But for our hero, everything is not lost. he is more like a lover than a warrior.
Because sometimes we have a second chance in love, as your mom told you, it has an unexpected habit of exposing itself.
In this regard, the decoration is very strong, and the professional level is also very strong. the 3:30-
The minute clip contains several bots, gorgeous graphics and dramatic, soaring, lively scores, as well as a part of an unforgettable Princess Leia --
Han solo scene in Star Wars: Episode 6
Return of Jedi.
A love of Star Wars, technology and film production brings together a group of friends who want to create a character that brings joy to the audience and shows their favorite characters in the spotlight read the news posted on the short\'s website.
\"San Francisco and Berkeley provide the perfect backdrop for this love story and are now officially a stepping ground for Artoo.
According to atherizmodo, he worked as a writer, director and colleague.
Producer, who has worked in love for two years, used 3D printers to make props in the San Francisco office of software company Autodesk, where he worked as an engineer.
\"People must have a real emotional reaction to it,\" he said . \".
\"I think that\'s because of something that always makes Artoo special: he\'s not just a machine.
So seeing this play out, it\'s really sad to see Artoo pull some of the heartstrings of childhood.
\"This is not the first time R2
D2 found romance.
The cute little robot is simply \"blep bloop \"!
\"Fire hydrants about Episode 1980 Sesame Street.
Read the blog article \"Love without limit\" in 2013 Sesame Workshop \".
Or species or mechanisms that look.
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