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Relationship and development history of prototype model and rapid prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2012-11- 07 21: 34

The relationship and development history of the prototype model and rapid prototyping are not understood by many people. In fact, another name of the prototype model is called rapid prototyping, it is a method that can directly process products without opening molds. This method is convenient, fast and efficient, which is also its biggest advantage. Therefore, in many places, the method of CNC prototyping is called rapid prototyping. With the progress of science and technology, a new processing method, the emergence of Laser Rapid prototyping RP technology provides a greater technical guarantee for the production of some precision components. The first and most mature country to develop rapid prototyping technology is the United States. Some famous universities in the United States spent a lot of scientific research expenses and energy, and finally overcame the difficulties of RP Laser Rapid prototyping process. After that, all major companies introduced this advanced technology, to join the fierce competition in the business market, immediately got good results. Some other industrial developed countries have also introduced and used this process in a short period of time to create new products. At present, thousands of rapid prototyping machines have been used in different fields around the world. From: Shenzhen prototype model http://www . Sztuowei. Com/

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