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Reveal the whole process of electronic dog prototype production

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2017-09- 06 15: 19

declare it first! ' car electronic dog is not a dog' , It is a vehicle-mounted device, the function is to remind the owner of the electronic eye or speed radar in advance, can prevent being fined and deducted because of speeding or violations, let the driver have the fun of driving, and the safe driving reminder is not legally prohibited or allowed. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is like mobile navigation.

like the car electronic dog prototype on the picture, it was made by our extension model. In fact, this prototype was made at the beginning of this year, just because there is an agreement with the customer, it is not released! ! This car electronic dog was made by an old customer of our tuowei ou Sheng, because it is relatively simple for the old customer process, xiao Liu, let me talk about the process of making this electronic dog prototype and the surface treatment process it uses ~~ The prototype production process of electronic dog is: 1. Business order: After the customer confirms the order, the business will place the order in collaboration and upload the drawings to the collaboration; 2. Programming: the programming department downloads the business Upload On CollaborationElectronic dog for cars' Drawing, programming on the computer, of course, after writing, it is also necessary to upload collaboration; 3. CNC machining: CNC colleagues also download programmed programs in collaboration, go to the warehouse to Open materials for CNC machining, and process them well. 'Electronic dog for cars'The parts of the prototype are sent to the manual department;

4. Manual polishing: the manual department will polish and assemble the sent prototype for the first time;

5. Surface Treatment: this'Electronic dog for cars' There are two kinds of surface treatment for the prototype, namely, fuel injection and silk screen printing. The specific parents can go to the Internet to search and find the Niang ~~ 6. Quality inspection: the quality department will inspect the made electronic dog prototype with tools, and assemble it again. After confirming it is correct, you can arrange packaging and shipment! ! In our general process of Tuowei, Xiao Liu, as I just said, if there are other situations, you need to see the problems you encounter ~~ small advertisement is inserted ~~ Do not feel'Blue mushroom' ~~ Tuowei model is a professional manufacturer of prototype model processing. The company's main processing method is CNC machining. With more than ten years of prototype production experience in the prototype industry, the company has gone from just one or two CNC machining machines to 55 today. From only a few employees to more than 180 people today; During this period, we have also had low tide, lost, and had difficulties. Today's Taowei is already a large-scale prototype model processing factory in Fuyong, Shenzhen.

when the customer is willing to put down the alert, when we decided to trust us, we also made up our mind to serve our customers wholeheartedly in order to live up to the trust and affirmation of our customers. From unbelief to belief, we are the only ones who know that the process is difficult, but we are confident. As long as you do well, there will be a return!

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