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The accuracy of prototype proofing can reach 0. Is 05mm?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-10- 23 17: 35

when making prototype proofing, many customers hope that the processing accuracy of the manufacturer can be higher, in this way, the more accurate the conclusion will be when the new product is verified, so that the new product is more perfect. However, the equipment that can process high-precision prototypes is very expensive, and many prototype factories can't afford such equipment.

Miss Zhang, Dongguan, searched through Baidu'Prototype proofing' After finding the extension model, several sets of high-precision prototypes need to be made, and the accuracy required can reach 0. 05mm, at present, most prototype factories can only achieve 0. 1mm, so many prototype factories can't pick up this order. Miss Zhang has to find the extension model to quote.

The accuracy reached 0. 05mm, it is difficult for many prototype proofing factories, but it is not too difficult for the five-axis machine used in the extension model, because the drawings provided by Miss Zhang are more complicated, moreover, there are more holes marked on the drawings. Therefore, in the aspect of drawing review, we should be extra careful to confirm the processing size and tolerance of the small hole punch, and make a detailed quotation before returning it to Miss Zhang. Miss Zhang feels that the price is a little more expensive than that of her peers, but it was given to the extension model.

few days later, miss Zhang received the prototype sent by the extension model. After the caliper measurement, the accuracy reached 0. 05mm, highly praised the extension model. If you need to find a processing accuracy of 0. The prototype proofing manufacturer of 05mm may wish to look at the extension model.

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