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The prototype is based on the customer's production requirements

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prototype production is an important link between the R & D department and the appearance and structural feasibility of the new product in order to improve the R & D strength. Improving prototype production is an important task to implement R & D maturity. Due to the fast speed and low cost, the development cost, time and risk of products are greatly reduced. Can meet the performance test in the product development process. The competitive power of new products has been greatly improved. After the drawings have structure, project responsibility and XX total signature, the prototype group can be processed. The structural personnel shall provide two-dimensional drawings, three-dimensional files, prototype lists, and processing protocol sheets.

1. The prototype factory's responsibility assignment:

1. the progress and quality of the prototype model are the responsibility of the structural personnel.

2. The appearance and precision dimensions of the prototype parts are the responsibility of the original type personnel.

3. The professional of the original group arrangement is responsible for the spraying.

4. After the prototype model is processed, the structural personnel are responsible for the Assembly according to the design intent.

5. The acceptance of prototype parts is determined by the structural personnel (Refer to the prototype part inspection form).

The prototype factory recommends some precautions about the processing of the prototype model:

1. the prototype of conventional products is generally made of ABS material, which is easy to process and beautiful after prototype processing.

2. Prototype of high temperature resistant products, optional materials (1)Epoxy resin; (2)Electric wood; (3)Black PC; (4)PA (Nylon). The prototype of these four materials can not be bonded except for black PC, and the other three can not be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

3. A product prototype for wear resistance, optionally POM or PA. Neither of these two materials can be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

4. Prototype of high toughness product with PA or PP optional. Neither of these two materials can be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

5. The prototype of transparent product, which can be used (Acrylic)Transparent ABS, transparent PC and other materials. The prototype made of these materials is polished and transparent to achieve the same effect as the real product.

6. product prototype surface treatment General

Our Commitment:

1, customer documents are kept confidential. The company has a perfect monitoring and secrecy system. All relevant personnel have signed regulations on the transfer of confidential responsibility with the company to ensure that customer information is safe.

2, zero risk for customer proofing: If the prototype tolerance we made is not up /-0. 1mm, the appearance can't reach the effect after opening. You tell us the sample and send it back to us. We will make another set for you free of charge.

Why do many enterprises choose the extension model?

Why do you choose extension dimensions multiple times? The old customer said this:' I believe that Tuowei is because the prototype of Taowei is good in materials, without cutting corners, with good quality and excellent service. ' This is the customer's trust in Taowei. This trust, Taowei has the obligation to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, and is also the driving force for us to do well!

24-hour customer service hotline: If you are interested in or have questions about the prototype, please contact QQ: 2355718800 if you work hard, A good harvest was stored; If you work hard, you will store a hope; If you want to gain the trust of visitors, it is necessary to save gratitude every day and cherish the fate of online encounters

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