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The prototype manufacturer with good reputation in Shenzhen, the old customers repeatedly place orders

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-04- 12: 12

Ma Yun said:' The importance of word of mouth for enterprises is far greater than the brand. ' I believe that many consumers think that the sales volume with good reputation will not be too bad. After all, the quality is guaranteed. The same is true for prototyping. In order to be more assured when customizing prototypes, many customers often choose a prototype factory with good reputation. In this respect, the extension model has done a good job. Up to now, it has served more than 2000 customers, and many old customers have placed orders repeatedly.

Mr. Su of Yantai found the extension model from the network and needed to make a camera prototype, as a customer service, Xiao Liu received an inquiry and immediately distributed it to the business Wang Zhenghong. Wang Zhenghong sent some information introduced by the company and related videos to Mr. Su. The result was soon to reach a cooperation. Since the camera prototype is doing very well, Mr. Su has placed a single prototype of the mobile robot.

prototype factory with a good reputation, not in language'King of mouth'But there are real actions. Since 2012, the tuowei model has first introduced Japanese imported brother machines, and then hired the us cto as the technical director to introduce foreign fuel injection technology. The appearance effect of the prototype is over 30%, and the accuracy of the prototype can also reach 0. 05mm.

Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory is a manufacturer with good reputation, this is not a boast, and it is shown to customers through practical actions.

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