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Tianjin prototype factory-Strong adhesion to paint

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-03- 17 16: 55

Li Gong is an engineer of a robot research and development company in Tianjin. In order to better promote new products, they need to make several prototypes to participate in the exhibition, they made a prototype in other Tianjin prototype factories. The color difference of the appearance color is very large. If they go to the exhibition, they can't take it. The leaders are not satisfied and feel that they are redo, so Li Gong searched the Internet. 'Tianjin prototype factory'The extension model was found.

Mr. Ye, the relevant business, contacted him, mr. Ye sent him some relevant company introductions. Li Gong learned that the extension model was not so strong after Shenzhen, because his intention was to find a Tianjin prototype factory, this kind of communication is more convenient and can be communicated at any time when problems are found. Ye Gong told him that Shenzhen is a relatively developed place in the prototype industry. If you do the prototype here, whether it is in precision or appearance processing, it is much stronger than other places. Mr. Li felt that was the case, so he sent the drawings to quote.

before the quotation, li Gong repeatedly stressed that attention should be paid to the appearance of the prototype, especially the color of the post-treatment. Painting will affect the texture. Li Gong is also worried about the adhesion of the paint, otherwise it will be ugly after a period of time, this happened in other Tianjin prototype factories before. Ye Gong told the customer that the extension model will first apply a primer before the fuel injection, and then fuel injection. In this way, the sprayed paint is relatively firm and will not fall off easily. After Li Gong's doubts were answered, he became more recognized by Ye Gong's profession and naturally became a transaction.

few days later, li Gong received the prototype sent by the tuowei model, and was quite satisfied with the appearance effect. He also used his finger to scrape the paint, which was not easy to fall off. If you want to find a good Tianjin prototype factory in terms of fuel injection, you may wish to look at the extension model and will give you unexpected gains.

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