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Transparent Prototype manufacturers? Select extension model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-07- 22 09: 23

usually some customers need to make transparent plastic prototypes. Generally speaking, the preferred material for transparent prototypes is acrylic (1) Material and PC material, there are many Transparent Prototype factory manufacturers, which one to choose? On this point, industry insiders tell you: a good transparent prototype manufacturer not only needs to look beautiful, but also needs to deliver fast.

The following figure is a prototype of the car headlights made by the customer in the extension model. Because the requirements are very transparent, the acrylic material is selected, its production process is also relatively simple, first through CNC processing, and then polishing, polishing can achieve this effect. The polishing master and the polishing master of the extension model have nearly 10 years of experience, so they can be very transparent. Regarding the delivery period, 55 CNC machining centers and more than 160 employees of the extension model are guaranteed.

warm tip:

although both acrylic and PC materials are transparent, there are many cases in which acrylic is used as a transparent prototype, this is because the acrylic material is more transparent than the PC material itself, and only needs to be polished after the gong comes out. If the PC material is carefully looked at, it will be found that the surface is light-colored purple light, and it needs to be fumigated to achieve a transparent effect, and there will be the possibility of surface rupture.

extension model is in a transparent prototype with rich experience in this area, and can be in 3 ~ 5 days delivery, you can choose the extension model if you need to find a good transparent prototype manufacturer.

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