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tumbler ridge woman puts the pop in 3d maps

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
Jody Mitchell is an artist and an entrepreneur who is not just a MacGyver.
She lost her experience and training, ordered a 3D printer at her home in Tumbler Ridge and made an award --
Produce biodegradable topographic maps for government, First Nations, mining companies and ski resorts.
\"I grew up in the North to get things done by myself, to patch things around and make things work,\" Mitchell said . \"
Describes natural nerds and technical leaders. This is also a good thing.
Because when her first 3D printer arrived, it was a fragment with no assembly instructions, at least in English.
But after a bit of scratching and experimenting, Flashforge Creator Pro works.
Her company was born.
Mitchell, with one of the few 3D printers in the region, soon got a contract worth $900 to produce dinosaurs --
Head finger puppets in the Tumbler Ridge area.
It\'s almost a good idea.
\"I don\'t charge enough for that job.
\"I believe I didn\'t make any money on this,\" she said . \".
At first, Filaprint was curious.
Hard custom cookie cutterto-
Looking for parts, dinosaur teeth, skull replicas
To be frank, plastic keychain can go through a lot of thingsdads.
But the work allowed her to learn the \"art\" of 3D printing, work with existing digital models and enhance the printing effect.
\"This is where I learn my craft, get familiar with the software and start designing things,\" she said . \".
3D printers use digital data to fashion objects from metals, ceramics, wood and the most common plastics.
But a lot of free digital data is flawed.
Enthusiastic but unskilled teenagers upload to the Internet in many cases
This means that the operator must be cunning in order to copy the object accurately.
\" lot of it is rubbish and it has to be repaired,\" Mitchell said . \".
\"At least 80 of the files that people have printed for me are defective, so I designed something close myself.
\"Until she thought of the idea of starting over.
Create mountain landscape of north BC.
Mitchell was able to combine all her passion.
Art, outdoors and technology
Enter a lucrative industry.
\"It also allows me to work from home and stay at home --at-
\"Go home, Mom, and make some income,\" she said . \".
Her 3D terrain map perfectly matches the ups and downs of the local mountains, valleys and even towns.
Google Earth, GeoGratis and a dozen other satellite services offer free downloadable terrain data.
As with the digital data set of objects, satellite data obtained free of charge is often flawed.
In this world, you get what you give.
She solves these problems by merging data with acceptable but not very good results.
Mitchell now buys more accurate satellite terrain data, or works with drone operators and aerial videographer Brandon blam above Tumbler Ridge to collect her own digital imaging ofB. C.
Mountains, meadows and valleys.
\"Drones are able to take a lot of pictures in a certain area, and the software uses GPS readings to stitch them together and build a 3D model of the landscape,\" Braam said . \".
\"Then Jody can take that model and print it out.
He said: \"dronecan provides high resolution in a range of about 1 square kilometer.
Mitchell uses specialized software to cut the data into slices of several microns thick that the printer can replicate.
The difference between a graphic map and her hand
The tactile map is drawn like day and night.
\"When you get into the meeting room, people look at the flat topographic map and they don\'t know what they\'re looking at,\" she said . \".
\"There are a lot of lines and colors, but it\'s hard to understand what they mean.
When it was 3D, it suddenly became clear where the ski lift could go or why the pipe had to move around because there was a mountain on the road.
\"The Filaprint map is rapidly becoming a fixed facility for visitor information centers such as trail maps, lobby functions, government information and public education tools for mining companies.
They are also used for trade exhibitions and public hearings.
Mitchell is currently working with Braam to produce an aerial video and 3D map for the Kitimat district municipalities, a showcase work that will showcase all the natural features and tourist hotspots of the area.
\"Both the video and the land model will really show all of these amazing places,\" she said . \".
\"I\'ll go there with Brandon and look for inspiration for the place so I can map them by hand.
\"She is also collecting data for a 3D map that shows the terrain of an area that the LNG export facility is considering.
Mitchell made all her land models from the PLA-
Lactic acid-
Biodegradable, recyclable plastic silk made of starch and sugar.
At the right time, this is the right idea.
\"The way I do this will not release any harmful smoke to the house around my children,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s really a high priority for me.
When Mitchell showed her business ideas to the economic development agency Community Futures, they liked it.
\"I wrote a business plan and revenue forecast and they gave me $5,000 enough to buy my first printer and enough supplies for a year,\" she said . \".
\"I was just walking down the street as someone who could never get a loan and they agreed and lent me the money.
\"The business community also likes the idea.
Filaprint won the best business concept award in 13 annual Small Business B. C.
Last month\'s awards include mentors and resources that Mitchell can use to grow his business.
If she wants to make it bigger, that\'s it.
She\'s been involved in consulting recently, doing set-
Provide training for other businesses that want to acquire and successfully run their own 3D printers. “I did two set-
Ups and they were both in North B yesterday. C.
So it\'s really busy. \"She said.
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