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Tuowei model will play the game 'front combat, rear support' at noon'

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-08- 31 14: 27

The Tuowei model has always had the habit of playing games at noon. Today's noon will be hosted by Huang Chao, and the game to play is'Battle ahead, support behind' The rules are as follows:


1. Divide all the people into three groups through the number of reports, and each group will select a captain;

2. Act according to the instructions of the host.


1. The host said: everyone shouted together in front of the battle: the host of the rear support said: I would like to ask everyone to shout together: What host needs to say: need. . . . . . Then when we start, we start to act again.

2. The captain can't act. He can only command and organize in situ. Except for the captain, other players can move. The team members send the items from the host point to the captain, see which group takes less time;

3. Quality is the premise. If there is a problem with quality, the speed cannot be calculated. It must be the situation where the quality is reached, and the speed is the standard.

4. After hosting the required items, say start and everyone starts to act again.

The items that need support this time are roses, trophies, shoelaces, down jackets, sweater, glasses, leather shoes, however, some teams did not all gather together. As a result, the host asked the three captains to wear all the items and walk around the conference room. The three captains were like this:

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