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TV remote control prototype customized which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2017-09- 05 18: 29

with the continuous development of modern society, all kinds of TV sets emerge one after another, from the previous black and white TV sets to today's high-definition LCD TV sets, of course, the TV remote control is getting taller and taller from scratch!

The long paragraph mentioned earlier is actually to lead to the theme. . . 'Customization of remote control prototype', the company ou Sheng received a company that wanted to make a TV remote control prototype a few months ago. This company is in Wuhan, a little far away and has not come to our company to watch the factory, however, ou Sheng sent them the videos and PPT taken by our big Taowei. Through a war of words, the customer finally decided to place an order on our side ~~

So how did this remote control prototype be made? What are the techniques you don't know? And listen to Xiao Liu slowly write ~~

1. Business order: After the customer confirms the order, the business will place the order in collaboration and upload the drawings to the collaboration;

2. Programming: the programming department downloads the business Upload On CollaborationTV remote control' Drawings, program on the computer, send the key part to the film department for production, and upload the plastic part to cooperate;

3. CNC machining: colleagues in the CNC Department download the programmed program in collaboration, go to the warehouse to open the material for CNC machining, and after processing, the processed'TV remote control'The parts of the prototype are sent to the manual department;

4. Manual polishing: the manual department will polish and assemble the sent prototype for the first time;

5. Surface Treatment: this'TV remote control' There are two kinds of surface treatment for the prototype, namely, fuel injection and silk screen printing. The specific parents can go to the Internet to search and find the Niang ~~

6. Quality inspection: the quality department checks the prototype of the produced TV remote control with tools, and then reassemble the key of the film and the processed prototype. After confirming the correctness, you can arrange packaging and shipment! !

extension model is a professional manufacturer of prototype model processing, and the main processing method of the company is CNC processing, with more than ten years of experience in prototype production in the prototype industry, the company has gone from only one or two CNC machining machines to 55 today. From only a few employees to more than 180 people today; During this period, we have also had low tide, lost, and had difficulties. Today's Tuowei is already a large-scale prototype model processing factory in Fuyong, Shenzhen.

as a member of the extension dimension model, xiao Liu, I am very grateful to every customer for giving us the order. Every order you give us is not only what you need to do, but also every business you have for us, affirmation of our Tuowei! ! So Xiao Liu thanked you on behalf of Da Tuwei!

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