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Zhongshan prototype factory, processing accuracy 0. 05mm smooth appearance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2018-11- 15 17: 05

recently, Miss Li in Changsha encountered a problem. Miss Li found a prototype factory on the Internet to make a prototype. At that time, the price of this prototype supplier was lower, so he gave it to him. The prototype accuracy of the result was not ideal, and the surface was very rough, but the supplier shirked the responsibility and did not rework it. Later she searched'Zhongshan prototype factory'The extension model was found.

Miss Li found the extension model, at the beginning, I asked how accurate the prototype processing accuracy of the extension model was and what level the appearance processing could reach. The relevant business of tuowei model looked at the drawings sent by Miss Li and found that the prototype accuracy requirements marked above reached 0. 05mm, the general Zhongshan prototype factory can't really process it, but the extension model adopts five-axis machining, and there is no problem in achieving this accuracy.

Miss Li's previously customized prototype model is cheap, this model of price extension cannot be done. But Zhongshan prototype factory-- Tuowei model promised Miss Li that the processing accuracy reached 0. 05mm, at the same time, the surface of the prototype model will be polished very smoothly. If this requirement is not met, it will be redone free of charge. Miss Li is assured that she has signed the quotation contract, placed an order in the extension model.

A few days later, miss Li received the prototype sent by the extension model and found that it was not only high in accuracy but also beautiful in appearance as it was said before placing an order. She said that if the prototype is to be made in the future, it will still be with Zhongshan prototype factory--Cooperation of the extension model.

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