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Basic concept and working principle of laser sintering

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2017-09- 01 11: 49

The working principle of laser sintering and its basic concept since the early 1990s S, laser sintering has become a successful tool for product development. As a technical solution to the rapid prototyping design concept, based on 3D CAD data, it can get fully functional prototypes, prototype molds or prototype models in a few days, which will help greatly reduce the time spent on the market. The improvement of the technology and the increase of relevant knowledge have expanded its scope of use in many ways. At present, laser sintering is the key technology of electronic manufacturing, which is fast, flexible and cost-effective production directly from CAD files. Laser Sintering is a layered manufacturing technology, which is based on the availability of 3D data for objects. The 3D description is then converted into a complete set of slices, each describing the cross section of the part that determines the height. The laser sintering machine obtains the required objects by accumulating these slices layer by layer. At each layer, the laser energy is used to melt the powder. With the help of the scanning device, the laser energy is'Print' To the powder layer, a cured layer is created, which then becomes part of the finished object. The next layer continues to be processed on the bottom layer until the entire processing process is completed.

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