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Beijing printing prototype manufacturers can ship in 3 days

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2018-09- 06 21: 21

Hello everyone, there are many customer groups in Beijing recently. It is also because our company has accumulated countless praise and reputation in the printing prototype industry for 17 years. New and old customers are happy to find us to place orders and cooperate.

In September of this year, there was a car structural engineer from Beijing who searched through the Internet. When printing the prototype manufacturer, I clicked in when I saw the name of our company. Ask if we can make this robot prototype and send 3D drawings. After negotiation and negotiation by our project manager, we reached a very pleasant cooperation. Because we have cooperated with the world's top 500 companies many times, and we have been invited to interview by CCTV. There is also a product display chart that we show after the customer's permission.

has won the trust of customers and started processing and production. Each production link is reported to the customer in real time by our salesman. Report problems in time. After receiving the drawings, we provide one-stop service. 3 days to ship. After receiving the prototype we made. The customer was very satisfied that he liked the prototype we made. The previous Beijing printing prototype manufacturer caused a delay in delivery due to technical problems, resulting in no small loss. Fortunately, we met again, the company is not. There may be some unexpected problems.

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