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Download and 3D-print real fossils for free

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
Last fall, scientists announced the discovery of a new species of early humans-homosexuality-deep in an underground cave in South Africa.
Old fossils are still locked in Johannesburg, but now anyone can see them online.
You can even 3D
Print your own copy. MorphoSource.
Org is a database of hundreds of fossil digital scans that can be downloaded and 3D for free-print.
Visitors can go from 40,000-year-
The skull of the old niande from Israel or the teeth of the 60-year-old
The foot prehistoric shark named Giant tooth shark.
The site allows the user to zoom in or rotate the sample image and view it from all angles.
You can then choose to download data that can be used in 3D printers to generate accurate models.
Hot news chef exclusive interview Trump visits uk Virginia Beach hero Chicago violence \"we basically take bones out of the museum catacombs and put them online,\" Doug Boyer, an assistant professor at Duke University said in a press release that he launched the site in 2013.
Since the creation of the archives, nearly 9,000 images have been uploaded from more than 70 institutions around the world, including the American Natural History Museum in New York City and the National Museum of Burmese Linglong animals.
More than 500 species are currently collected.
Steven Churchill, a professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke, is a team member who discovers and describes the naridi people, he said, the site provides the public with fossils in a way that contrasts with past practices in the field of human origin.
\"Ancient Anthropology has traditionally been a closed good ol\' boy network, field work is carried out in secret and the findings are kept confidential,\" he said in a press release . \".
\"Before publishing, researchers often sat on fossils for many years, and even after publishing, it was difficult to see fossils, or even to see models of fossils.
\"Found H.
The author of the paper describing the species, nAraidi, submitted the high
Perform a resolution scan of more than 80 key samples of the MorphoSource database.
This discovery is one of the largest treasures of primitive human fossils found so far, including more than 1,500 bones, representing a part of 15 individuals from infants to adults.
Within three months, scans of the species were viewed 43,000 times and downloaded 7,600 times.
\"We are very proud of this,\" Churchill said . \"
Some fossil scans have also provided lesson plans for teachers through an initiative called ancient religion.
The database will continue to grow as more scans are uploaded.
In the past few weeks, Boyer and other researchers have uploaded data on more than 400 skulls and bones from 59 monkeys, apes and lemurs from the Harvard Museum of Comparative animals.
\"Ancient Anthropology is increasingly dependent on digital data,\" Boyer said . \"
\"Before we released this data set, there were only a dozen laboratory digital samples available around the world.
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