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formula one : an improved renault busily fits all the parts together

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
Every Wednesday morning at a quiet airport in the west of Paris, they boarded a luxurious 8-
Fly an hour through the Strait with the Piper Cheyenne III spiral plane.
Most of them look like managers of multinational companies on a trip to discuss global product strategies --
To some extent, they are.
But as experts in aerodynamics, electronics, carbon composites, stereo printing, and other esoteric disciplines that involve the manufacture of the world\'s most technically advanced racing cars, their company aims, renault\'s Formula One team is here to win.
Although at the Mariano Grand Prix in Imola, Italy, the audience will see 20 cars that are clearly the same.
In the colors of different sponsors
Each of the 10 teams of the campaign has invested in the means and efforts to make these cars, which is entirely personal, with the participation of the seven largest automakers in the world, with relatively few restrictions of knowing
Renault\'s weekly air shuttle from Paris to Oxford is part of the team\'s efforts to attract employees, they are from the engine plant in viri chatilon, the technology center near Versailles and the chassis of the nsone in Silicon Valley of world racing.
However, the competition is so fierce, although there are about 700 employees in Renault
France 300, UK 400
Its parent company\'s resources have separated 19 experts from the tech center design store, which has not yet won the competition since taking over the Benetton team in 2000.
However, after the first three games, Renault\'s integration efforts and the choice to follow the new test rules made the team one of the biggest surprises of the season.
The team\'s two riders, Fernando Alonso and Jarno Trulli, scored points in each game, placing the team second in the series and 16 points behind McLaren --
13 points ahead of Ferrari and BMWWilliams.
21-year-old Alonso became the youngest driver to win pole position in Malaysia\'s second race.
\"The success of the car this year depends on the integration of the engine and chassis,\" said Flavio Briatore, the team\'s gorgeous Italian director, who, together with Schumacher, led benatone to the world championship on 1994 and 1995.
Engine integration is the result of the team\'s efforts to improve communication, as Pat Simmonds, director of engineering, calls it the key to success.
As an engine manufacturer, the Renault team powered the benaitong and Williams teams to win six World team titles in the 1990 season.
It is now trying to succeed in the 1980 s fault, making the engine and chassis.
The team won seventh place as benaitong in 2001, but used 110 of the innovation-degree-
Renault V10 angle engine.
Last year, it ranked fourth as Renault.
Running a fleet from two factories in different countries is at best a balance.
Worst of all, it can lead to irreconcilable communication problems, as Ferrari discovered when its design office was in the UK in early 1990.
Although Renault\'s new engine is considered revolutionary for its wide angle and other internal functions, it has reliability problems and too much vibration.
This season, briantoli has been appointed not only as the head of the chassis plant, but also as the head of the Viry Chatillon engine.
\"Because we are 100% Renault now, there is no more secret,\" briatelli said . \".
\"This is a big problem between the engine supplier/chassis supplier relationship.
Everyone wants to keep a little secret in their pockets and sometimes damage performance.
Although video conferencing and e-commerce
Mail help, they have restrictions.
\"If you use e-commerce too much
\"Mail is just like a lot of people, especially engineers, and it\'s very dangerous because you don\'t have a connection between people anymore,\" he said . \".
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According to Luca Mazzocco, the open floor plan of the two factories is also designed to increase communication between engineers, and Luca Mazzocco is a marketing account manager who is in Enstone
Built in a former open
The factory is a national mine. of-the-
In this sport, each team needs to build their own cars, similar to other art facilities.
However, unlike some teams, Renault actually refused to subcontract at all.
Even the saxophone that looks and sounds like a knot is handmade.
Mazzocco said it was the last traditional automotive manufacturing process that the team used.
Today\'s Formula One racing car is made of carbon fiber with a lot of pressure --
Cook with a mold in a huge autoclave oven.
The components were tested in the team\'s wind tunnel. 24-
Work a few hours a day, six days a week.
The test part is made up of four stereo printing machines, one type of three
The size of the components made with plastic resin computer printer.
These are all provided by computers from more than 70 researchers in the aerodynamics department.
The factory located in Viry Chatillon is dedicated to manufacturing 800-
The horsepower engine, which has several soundproofing Workbench rooms, is similar to the video game mall where technicians \"drive\" the engine almost on the track before each race.
They may be qualified engineers and technicians, but they also agree that they will also upset the racing drivers when the engine is restartedComputer-
Remember the rotation speed and gear changes that were made during the race around the track before.
Briatelli is not a frustrated racer.
Prior to the start of f1 in benaitong in 1989, he established a network of benaitong stores in the United States.
He worked as a ski coach and a restaurant.
\"I\'m not an engineer. I\'m a manager.
\"I made a decision,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s the same to produce engines, cars, or chocolate.
Whatever it is, you produce the product as efficiently as you can and have the best.
Briantoli and Simmonds have made some insightful decisions this year.
According to the new rules, if teams have less testing between matches, they can get extra testing time on Friday morning of the race weekend.
Renault is the highest.
The team being arranged has accepted the offer.
This allowed Alonso to have more time to study the track in the second year of the sport.
It also helps the team adapt better to the track than their stronger competitors.
In competition like Toyota, BMW, Ford, Honda and Ferrari, the team clearly realized that it was not the only team with the resources it needed to win.
\'The secret is in it, \'says Simmonds.
\"You can have huge facilities, you can have thousands of people, but if you can\'t get everything going in the same direction, it will never succeed,\" says Simmonds.
\"It\'s like a great cook.
Someone can go out and shop for him.
But if he can\'t cook, it\'s not worth it.
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A version of the article was published in the International Herald Tribune on April 19, 2003.
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