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here’s some i printed earlier... the 3d revolution

by:Tuowei     2019-08-19
Like an ugly sister, I jumped around the 3D system booth at the 3D edition exhibition in the city, trying to find a suitable shoe.
Around me, small gray machines are busy printing brightly --
Color plastic coffee cup
I had a very strong espresso afterwards.
For confused people: when a 3D design is sent to print, the 3D printer will spray a layer of plastic to create an object.
The purpose of my arrival was to print a shoe for myself in exactly the same way.
However, it turns out that, like the people working here, printing a shoe that fits my big foot on a home printer takes a whole day and has to be split into several parts.
If there is a more reasonable expectation for a robot statue or toy crown, I will have a better life.
It\'s okay when looking for a \"one-they-printed-
I also met some headphones (
Yes, it actually works.
There is also a pair of sunglasses.
When I find my white, uncomfortable and horrible (
But very complicated)
The shoes I designed have 3D printed accessories in every available area of my body.
Earlier this month, 3D Systems started the industry as early as 1986, and it won a prestigious technology award for its Cube printer. The Cube —
The machine that made coffee cups at last Friday\'s printing show
It\'s the first consumer 3D printer to market.
The cube is smaller than a regular coffee machine and can print anything you can design
The premise is that it is not greater than 5.
5 plates-
ABS plastic in one of 10 colors.
Plastic in the cartridge you just inserted
If you are not good at 3D design, you can use stock models or online apps to customize artwork templates that suit your preferences.
However, none of my gear is printed on the cube.
You can still order online (on Cubify. com)
But the headphones are full.
Sunglasses (shoe size)
Or any other larger design you would like to send to print)
3D systems are required to print them on larger industrial machines.
So, for the average lottery, the cube, with limits on size and material, may have a similar appeal to the early 80 s phone, you have to put it in your suitcase
However, what it represents isvery-distant future.
Commercial printers can already be printed in ceramic, metal and plastic and create a variety of custom objects such as guitar, car body, and even hip and prosthetic housing.
On July, a designer of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus revealed that the company intends to produce the first printed aircraft by 2050.
MakerBot produced a competitor\'s home 3D printing device for the cube, the Replicator 2, with a small 3D Printing House plastic model on its booth.
According to MakerBot\'s Nick Brewer, the future is to have your house printed live on concrete through a custom 3D design.
Prosthetic printers believe they can print organic tissue one day.
For the consumer market, the 3D system has acquired technology that allows you to take pictures of objects on your phone and turn them into printable 3D images.
The future, with morematerial, at-
Home Printing, buying a replacement part for your bike can be as simple as taking photos and pressing print.
Again, most of the things we buy online can be sent to home printers immediately, reducing delivery.
But while the 3D system sees the future as an era in which we will all get ideas and print our own designs, Sculpteo, a 3D printing company is not sure yet, the company allows people to customize and print out the iPhone case.
\"It\'s hard to create something in 3D --
It\'s harder than painting. The tools [for 3D design]
Clement Morrow, CEO of Sculpteo, said: \"It will be easier to use . . . . . . But even if people have all the tools of painting, it\'s not as good as Picasso . \".
Fortunately, Cubify.
Thingiverse of Com and MakerBot has let designers upload their 3D templates for purchase (on Cubify)or for free (on Thingiverse)—
Let our less creative people turn the hard work of others into prints.
\"In the future, 3D printing will become a normal and more economical way to produce customized products. . .
Whether you print one or more, the cost is the same. ” says Moreau.
\"We really believe this is going to be a mass market technology.
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