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How the prototype model price is evaluated

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-08- 31 15: 38

In our prototype industry, many customers will ask, how much does it cost to make a prototype of a certain product? Like these customers, we don't know the prototype industry very well. Without 3D drawings, it is difficult for us to help customers evaluate the price of a product as a prototype. If it is a 3D printing prototype, 3D printing is calculated by weight (How much per gram)Just tell us the weight.

there are quite a lot of factors affecting the price of the prototype, such as: the size of the product, the complexity of the structure, the difficulty of processing, the accuracy requirements, material, surface treatment process ( Like fuel injection, silk screen, sandblasting, oxidation, laser carving, electroplating, etc)These will affect the price of the prototype.

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prototype is not uniform, and the price quoted by different prototypes is also different, this involves the service, delivery, quality and scale of the prototype factory. For example, if you are in a hurry, the cost may be higher, because they may have to work overtime and night to get the prototype out.

needs to be provided by the customer. GS. STP. PRT. X- T 3D drawing files in any of the formats (Quotation cannot be provided without 3D drawing files) If there are many pieces in the drawing, the customer is required to provide a production list, indicating the material, quantity, surface treatment process, etc (These are the basic information that needs to be provided) So that the prototype factory can provide you with a quotation quickly.

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