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How to evaluate prototype model price

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-04- 12 10: 25

many of the questions asked every day are the price of the prototype model of auto parts, and the requirements of the model of auto parts are very high, it is necessary to have enough wear resistance and pressure resistance, which requires the processing manufacturer to have certain requirements in the selection of materials in the early stage. Although there are so many prototype factories in Shenzhen, the prices of each family are indeed different, so what kind of price is more appropriate.

prototype model manufacturers should have good CNC machining equipment and fuel injection equipment, so how much is the price of the prototype model of auto parts? In order to get more profits, some enterprises often overpursue the price when some customers are in the prototype factory, and ignore the quality problem, directly let the quality of the later prototype products but buried the root cause.

So how is the price of the prototype model calculated-- In fact, there is no fixed price. To evaluate the price of the prototype model, you need to look at the 3D drawings and production requirements of the product, explain the materials, processing methods, quantity and surface treatment processes, etc, the prototype factory will evaluate the price based on this information. The larger the volume of the material, the more surface processes, and the more complex the shape will increase the price of the prototype.

after all, there are many workshop-style manufacturers in China now, these enterprises often do not control the process of the product. However, when choosing a larger prototype factory, they will evaluate the price of the prototype model through various aspects, and will also give you good quality, if you want to find a manufacturer like this, the extension model is your good choice.

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