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Hunan prototype factory-Keep the empty cup mentality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-04- 10 08: 00

Hello everyone, the purpose of making the prototype model is to open the mold in large quantities. The test was carried out to prevent the deviation of the drawings in 3D. Recently, a customer who made a prototype in Hunan found tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. To make the prototype of the company's robot, I want to pass the new five-axis processing equipment here. To carry out high-precision processing, after knowing the customer's demand point. The project manager agreed to come down. The customer paid attention to quality and price. The extension model is also the main service for such customers, and the negotiation is also relatively pleasant. Customers claim that the specialty of the extension model is more experienced than many previous Hunan prototype manufacturers.

for a long time, the extension model has been learning technology and optimizing innovation with an empty cup mentality, so that customers who come to cooperate can feel calm. It is also the impression that many manufacturing industries have to leave to customers, and they have reached a unified agreement with customers. Began production and processing, the Changsha prototype production customer received the prototype after the reputation in Baidu left praise.

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